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We are Law Experts dedicated to our clients

Vishvas is derived from a Sanskrit word, ‘viśvasiti’ which is commonly translated as “Trust” or “Faith”. It refers to a belief or confidence in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. In a broader sense, ‘Vishvas’ encompasses a sense of security, reliability and certainty that allows individuals to have faith in the world around them which helps in shaping the nature and quality of relationships.

Vishvas is an essential component engrossed in our firm’s values which defines our way of dealing with our clients. We believe in building trust and relationships with our clients by providing innovative, efficient and effective solutions with an intention to resolve in an ethical and fair manner.


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Virender Ganda, Senior Advocate
Off Counsel

Mr. Virender Ganda, Senior Advocate, the founder of Vishvas Law Offices and now associated as an Off Counsel with the firm, possesses over 50 years of experience in corporate & civil litigation, corporate restructuring & arrangements, mergers, amalgamations, takeovers and economic laws. His knowledge and expertise in complicated legal issues in corporate law is best known in the professional circles provides the firm an edge in the area of corporate and commercial laws.

We believe that our commitment to client service, commerciality, and teamwork provides benefits to our clients and enhances effective business relationships. At the firm, we invest in building relationships and trust with each of our clients. Our style is open, service focused, and friendly. The relationships we develop with our clients are based on steady flow of communication and easy access to the attorneys working on their matters. We anticipate our client’s needs and worked upon the results that we have achieved for our clients are a testament to our success.

Practice Areas



Shareholders Disputes, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Corporate Restructuring, Arbitrations and Conciliations, MSME Act, Real Estate, Consumer Disputes, White Collar Crimes, Commercial Disputes, etc.



Corporate Laws, Mergers and Acquisitions/ Corporate Restructuring, Commercial transactions, Startup and emerging companies, Regulatory, Hospitality, etc.


Corporate Governance and Compliances

Corporate Laws, Secretarial Standards, Regulatory laws, Employment laws, Startup conformities, Internal policies, etc.

Message From

Vishal Ganda, Managing Partner
C.P.A (Australia), C.A., L.L.B

Vishvas Law Offices has been built on understanding the business of its clients and placing their interest above all. We don’t just resolve legal questions that already exist, but also help our clients to avoid potential pitfalls. We manage our work for clients efficiently, delivering pragmatic solutions and observing the ethics of our profession.

We stay committed in every aspect of client representation. We continually examine and improve what we do and find better ways to efficiently deliver on our core competencies.

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