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Entrepreneurs create startups from an innovative business idea and then partner with one or more investors to turn this small idea into a profitable enterprise. More often than not, the entrepreneurs are entangled in the non-core areas of the enterprise and are not able to completely focus on the sustainability and growth of the business.  Starting a business requires a number of permissions from government agencies and regulators and sometimes becomes a challenge to incorporate or register a company, despite there being a perceptible change. Such regulations pertain to Companies Act, labor laws, intellectual property rights, workplace compliances, direct or indirect tax laws, dispute resolution etc. which are rigorous in India and distracts the entrepreneur and the enterprise from its core goals.

In such situations, we as a firm, handhold and assist the enterprise or entrepreneurs in achieving the initial goals and streamlining the processes and procedures, starting from structuring an entity and incorporation of an enterprise to setup the essential processes like finance department, legal and regulatory compliance functions, tax obedience etc. The startup enterprises, at different levels and stages of funding from various category of investors, face additional challenges in relation to the valuations, investment structure, shareholders agreements, etc. whilst dealing with such investors.

Our firm assists and provide services to the enterprises in overcoming such challenges at all stages of the business which includes the following:

  • Assist in strategising the commercial structure that best aligns to the business idea
  • Advising in relation to the investment structure and fund formation
  • Assist in initial setup of the various essential functions of the enterprise
  • Ongoing and day to day statutory compliances
  • Review, drafting and finalising various kinds of funding agreements and internal management agreements
  • Review, drafting and finalising various supplier or vendor and customer contracts
  • Secretarial and regulatory compliances
  • Assist in intellectual property registrations
  • Assist in corporate restructuring or acquisitions
  • Documents in relation to ESOPs and employee incentives

We understand the true nature of challenges faced by the enterprises and advise in conformity with various terms and conditions of the investors which brings the enterprise to a beneficial position keeping in mind the interests of various stakeholders and regulatory and legal requirements. The firm holds experience in providing the services to various startup enterprises and advise practical solutions to effectively run the businesses.

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