Insolvency Resolution and Stressed Asset Acquisition

Our firm is considered as a pioneer and an industry expert in handling insolvency and bankruptcy matters. Since the incorporation of the firm, we have handled insolvency and bankruptcy under the erstwhile legislative schemes and have been the pioneers under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.

Strategic and appropriately handling matters under the IBC is imperative, since it has a direct impact on the enterprises and the economic health of the country. We take pride in having assisted the tribunal and court, in developing the jurisprudence under the IBC, which is still at its nascent stage and ever evolving.

The firm works closely with Resolution Professionals, Liquidators, Corporate Debtor (Company), Resolution Applicants, Financial and Operational Creditors and various other stakeholders associated with the Corporate Insolvency Resolution and Liquidation Process. The firm has been engaged in numerous matters across the country and has engaged with various stakeholders prior to the initiation of litigation until the implementation of a resolution plan or completion of the liquidation proceedings.

With the constant guidance received from our Off Counsel and founder of the firm, Mr. Virender Ganda, Senior Advocate, who is also the President of the NCLT & AT Bar Association and a distinguished practitioner on the subject of insolvency and bankruptcy, we are able to provide end to end comprehensives services in all fields governed under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. Our firm is extensively equipped with multidisciplinary experience around the insolvency proceedings (litigation and backstage) including but not limited to:

  • Representing and advising financial creditors and Companies in pre-admission matters under the IBC or actions under SARFAESI Act
  • Planning and strategizing with the unsecured creditors or operational creditors in relation to their dues against the defaulting Corporate Debtor and advising appropriate action under the provisions of Code
  • Advising and representing the resolution professional or liquidator, which includes preparation of application under provisions of the Code, assisting in legal compliances during the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process or Liquidation Process.
  • Representing Resolution Applicants, in strategising the investment and advising and preparing expressions of interest and resolution plans and proceedings under the IBC.
  • Assistance in preparation and filing of claims, responses and queries before the resolution professional or liquidator.
  • Representing parties in the Corporate Insolvency process or liquidation process against the resolution process or liquidator.
  • Representing the suspended management in proceedings under the Code.
  • Health check of a Company, advising on pending compliances, secretarial audit etc.
  • Training & education of insolvency laws; and reviewing terms of purchase orders, invoices, agreements and transactions; etc.


Moreover, we have specialised services in relation to restructuring through a court or tribunal process which includes recovering from a stressed situation through a proper scheme of arrangements with the stakeholders of the company and finding an appropriate resolution for the company and its stakeholders.

We also have a specialised service to identify investment opportunities to acquire stressed assets through the channels available under the insolvency and bankruptcy code. We are connected with number of resolution professionals to create such opportunities such as purchase of a company in liquidation as a going concern, acquisition of an insolvent company, acquisition of assets etc.

Our firm has provided ongoing services to clients interested in restructuring, prospective purchases, strategic acquisitions and investments in distressed companies.

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