Corporate Governance and Compliances

Corporate governance is about the way in which boards oversee the running of a company by its managers, and how board members are in turn accountable to stakeholders including the regulators. Good corporate governance plays a vital role in underpinning the integrity and efficiency of a company and on the other hand, poor corporate governance weakens a company’s potential and at worst can pave the way for financial difficulties. If companies are well governed and compliant of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, then they will usually outperform other companies and will gain importance in the investors market. The stakeholder and regulators of the Company demand transparency in the management of the affairs of the Company which virtually all the companies can benefit just by taking steps to increase the quality of their corporate governance systems.

With the frequent changes in the laws, rules and regulations, it is imperative that organisations work towards a good corporate governance and a specialist who can ensure that they are fully compliant or enhance the policies and procedures in relation to corporate governance. Our firm’s arm of company secretarial services is a comprehensive package where we onboard as a long-term partner and works continuously throughout the engagement.

Our firm assists and provide the following services to organisations, to ensure business practises which are in conformity with legal requirements:

  • Expert advisory on Corporate and allied laws
  • Assisting in drafting and preparation of various workplace policies including HR policies along with compliances and reporting requirements in relation to employment and workplace laws
  • Annual and periodical compliances and registrations under applicable laws including the Companies Act, 2013 and relevant industry laws
  • Reopening, revisions and restatements of the financial statements
  • Assistance and advising on settlements and compounding of offences or revival of struck-off companies under Companies Act
  • Advising companies on day-to-day management of affairs on various issues such as convening their statutory and internal committee meetings; compliances in relation to transactions with related parties; legal or reporting implications in a business transaction; etc
  • Compliances of the secretarial standards and secretarial audit
  • Directors’ support
  • Assisting in intellectual property registrations

We have a team of experienced company secretaries who are assisted by our legal team to meet all the corporate governance goals of our clients. We engage with our clients on a retainership model or otherwise, wherein we set a system of good practices, process charts and policies for the relevant team/department which are built upon four basic principles i.e. accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility, so that our clients need not worry about setting reminders for periodical compliances and new regulations that are required to be complied with.

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